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Script PHP in HTML File Extension

Posted by gregorio1988 on July 6, 2009

Sometimes we found a dynamic web page that sophisticated. And then, we would assume, it have to be created with PHP.  But, when we see link address of that web page, its extension is HTML and not PHP. Based on my supervisor in my internships place, this trick is used to make our web page more secure. So, we will asked, how way to make it?? That’s simple, just add some “html” word to our setting in our server. I’ll show it with Apache in XAMMP as my server.

  • Go to where folder XAMPP are located. Example, C:\xampp
  • Go to C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra and open file httpd-xampp.conf
  • In that file, placed “.html” word at AddType application
  • After that, refresh your xampp and now script PHP can be placed in HTML File Extension
  • If it’s still not work, please search at google…:)

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